why plant based?

The truth is, I was never attached to meat to begin with. 

Growing up, we definitely had our fair share of dairy, and light meats, but we didn't eat 'real' bacon, and rarely ate red meat. 

I'm one of those odd people that crave greens, fruit and almond butter. I've learned to listen to what my body is telling me it needs over the years. 

That doesn't mean I'm perfectly clean, I've just found that my body feels better when I eat clean. I'm very sensitive to things I put in my body, which is why I gave up dairy two years ago. I started having digestive issues during college, and was never able to get a diagnosis for my issue, so I decided it was a sensitivity. After cutting dairy I noticed that I felt better, and my skin improved as well. Even now on the rare occasion I have dairy, I notice a difference in my immune response within a few hours. 

Around a year and a half ago, I started contemplating going vegan. It was all over the media, I watch countless documentaries about it, and it just seemed so appealing. From both a physical need for my health and ethical concerns for the wellbeing of animals. It was a natural next step after going cruelty free with everything else in my life. 

I cut meat completely 6 months ago, still eating fish and animal byproducts. To be 100% honest, I still think eating eggs should be allowed, as long as its from a local, non commercial source that the hens are treated humanely at. 

Today I eat strictly plant based at home, and still occasionally eat fish and eggs while out of the house. Rarely I eat meat and dairy, typically by accident when out at a restaurant, but I'm trying to be flexible within my labels as its simply easier this way and I'm not exactly a fan of labels.

I hope to one day be 100% plant based, but I'm not putting any pressure on myself to stick to any plan. I believe in doing what feels right, and what my body wants. 

Being plant based feels good for me right now, and thats what matters to me.