my yogi journey

People told me for YEARS that yoga would be my thing. That I should try it out, that it would help with my anxiety, depression, and overall health. 

Well I ignored them all, in classic Devin fashion, I only decide to do something when I'm ready, and I decide for myself. And after moving to Portland was the perfect time. 

I tried out yoga a few times from the comfort of home, but never in a class until Portland. I'm extremely self conscious when it comes to group exercise classes, I always have been. Gyms for the most part feel very judgmental in vibe, and unnatural to me. But yoga was different. I've fallen in love with two studios locally, Love Hive on Burnside, and the Grinning Yogi in SE. I tried out aerial yoga, hot yoga, blacklight yoga, heated yoga and even outdoor yoga. I love it all! 

Yoga is like meditation for me, and it allows me to connect with my body in a way that just feels right. I'm gaining confidence, strength and the breath work is incredible too. My balance needs alot of work, but I'm learning to be ok with where I'm at everyday. The idea of working out was always aversive to me, but with yoga I crave my time on the mat, and I always feel incredible afterwards. 

I'm currently doing a daily home practice with Yoga with Adriene, and I hope to get more into acroyoga in 2018. 

Whats your favorite style of yoga? I'm still a beginner, so I'd love any recommendations!