healing with naturopathy

I've never felt like a medical professional truly cared about me before Dr Raina Lasse. She's a goddess, I'm convinced.

For the last few months I've been seeing her at Portland Healing Space on a regular basis, for my anxiety and digestive concerns. Half of our sessions feel very much like counseling. She listens intently to my issues, and gives me herbal solutions and referrals to several other professionals. We've talked about everything from diet, to exercise, to childhood issues, relationships and meditation. She's recommended crystals, books and everything in between. I've learned so much from her, and so much about myself in our short time together. 

I went through 6 weeks of EMDR treatment at her request, which was incredibly helpful in working through my domestic violence issues, and 'mommy issues'. I'll do a post with more details on this later, so stay tuned for that. 

I also saw my first chiropractor at her request, which was incredibly eye opening as well. Its amazing how you can have preconceived notions about an entire field, and find that its completely different than you imagined. 

She's recommended several supplements over the last few months, vitamin D3 and 5 HTP to keep the winter blues away, blue flower extract and calm pro for anxiety, and trauma-gen for my past trauma recovery. 

Most recently we've been doing cranial sacral work, which has been incredibly soothing for me. I had never heard of this therapy before a few months ago, and its basically a calming touch therapy where I lie on a massage table, relax and Dr Raina lightly touches my scalp, feet, and neck. It sounds so simple, but I assure you its incredible! 

I'll keep updating on this topic as we progress further, but let me know about your experiences with naturopaths!