Welcome to devinvond

The first post. 

Equal parts exhilarating and terrifying isn't it? 

I have so many things to say, and there's an infinite number of ways to say it so let's just get started and see where this takes me. 

I've been obsessed with all things beauty since high school. I started out trying to find ways to cover my acne, and tried everything under the sun for my skin. In the end Accutane and aquaphor were my saviors. Once my skin cleared up I found my confidence, and I really got into experimenting with lipstick, masks, and discovered my love for all things Sephora. I even worked there for a short stint during a holiday season in grad school while I lived in Cincinnati. 

Nearly two years ago I started a skincare business, cruelty free of course, and began to take a deeper look at the companies that I was supporting, and their policies on animal testing. I started learning more about how products were made, how animals are treated by the majority of companies creating them, and I decided to make a big change. I threw out thousands of dollars in product: MAC, NARS, MUFE, Benefit, and Bumble & Bumble hair products. I even expanded to all toiletries and home products. You'd be surprised how many products are tested on animals, like contact solution for instance. Like why is that even necessary? 

A year ago I started doing live reviews on products on my personal facebook, and I started finding that people were coming to me as a source on cruelty free products. I became the go to in my circle for beauty products. I've found that for mainstream society, cruelty free living is still something that needs more attention.

ALOT more attention. 

I hope that by doing my small part I can shed light on the necessity of cruelty free living, educate and to help develop a sense of empathy for our furry friends. 

I hope you enjoy following along!