loving the skin i'm in

It's taken me 28 years and counting to love myself. Dark circles, acne scars and all. 

It's a constant evolution. 

As much as I love makeup, I know that skincare is the foundation. Makeup can only look as good as the skin beneath it. 

A few years ago, I started getting into premium skincare. At first I was into high end Korean skincare trends, and Philosophy. I obsessed over Lush, Glamglow, Boscia, origins and fresh masks. You can spend alot of time and money looking into skincare, and there's alot out there that isn't worth the premium price tag.  For me, Rodan + Fields was the solution to my anti aging adult skin needs. Until I started using R+F, I didn't feel comfortable in day to day life without makeup, so this was a huge shift for me. 

Whatever brand and regimen you decide to invest in, I highly recommend to follow a few guidelines: 

  • a quality cleanser ( avoid foaming or micro beads)
  • a toner (additional cleansing and preps the skin for the next step)
  • moisturize moisturize moisturize (ideally a day and night cream, and eye cream) 
  • SPF! the most important of all, as 90% of aging is due to sun damage (aka preventable)
  • a retinol and or hyaluronic acid serum  (additional anti aging benefits) 

If you're not used to a multistep skincare routine, it may seem overwhelming at first, but your skin is worth the investment, believe me! 

Whats the skincare product you can't live without? Share below!